Vibrant Future Coalition is committed to reducing substance abuse in the North Clackamas area. We utilize resources to educate the community, prevent access, and reduce underage drinking, marijuana use, and prescription drug abuse among our youth.

Our members are made up of representatives from nonprofits, government agencies, youth, law enforcement, local businesses, school districts, churches, parents and any concerned citizen of the community…and YOU!

Vibrant Future meets monthly to collaborate on tasks and events that work toward our mission. 

Some recent activities and achievements include:

  • Unity Club at Rex Putnam H.S. – Youth engage in a safe and fun afterschool club that focuses on changing the environment of their school and community for the better
  • Photovoice – Program that supports youth in finding their voices while learning photography and exploring their community
  • Positive Community Norms presentation in schools – Curriculum that focuses on the positives, while educating youth about the social norms that exist
  • Partnership with Clackamas H.S. – Teaching prevention-focused curriculum to all Sophomores
  • Marijuana policy – Staying current with the OLCC and Clackamas County planning process and educating others on what is going on
  • Hosted a training on Marijuana education, culture, and trends

Our mission is to work together with families to educate and reduce underage drinking, marijuana use, and prescription drug abuse in the youth in our community.

Sticker Shock Campaign from Taylor Wells on Vimeo.