Have you experienced a loved one who has struggled with this substance abuse? Do you want to live in a vibrant community where youth excel and are supported? Do you share a desire to support the youth in our community? If so please check out our HOW TO GET INVOLVED tab to learn more. We are always looking for talented, skilled and passionate community members to join our coalition. Together we CAN make a difference!

What is Vibrant Future Coalition? A prevention coalition committed to serving the North Clackamas area. Our focus is on utilizing resources in order to educate the community, prevent access and to reduce underage drinking, marijuana use and prescription drug abuse among our youth.

Our members are made up of representatives from nonprofits, government agencies, youth, law enforcement, local businesses, school districts, churches, parents and any concerned citizen of the community…and YOU!

Vibrant Future meets monthly to collaborate on tasks and events that work toward our mission. 

Past activities and achievements include:

  • Sticker Shock: businesses that sell liquor put a sticker in their window to pledge to not sell liquor to minors and inform those of age of the consequences for furnishing alcohol to minors. Businesses are awarded for particpating in supporting the youth of our community. 
  • Community Town hall: A forum to create awareness to community members around root issues such as substance abuse. 
  • Prescription Drug Drop-off Boxes: Worked with Milwaukie Police Department to secure a drop off box to safely dispose of prescription drugs.
  • Positive Social Norms presentations within the schools and community. 
  • Unity Club- Youth engage in a safe and positive afterschool club that works to change the enviornment of their school and community.

Our mission is to work together with families to educate and reduce underage drinking, marijuana use, and prescription drug abuse in the youth in our community.

Sticker Shock Campaign from Taylor Wells on Vimeo.